About the Blog

MicroFundy.com is a Blog on Micro Fundamental Analysis.

I intend to use this platform to share some of my thoughts on specific company fundamentals. Some of the time I will focus on trends in specific company metrics – Margins, EBITDA, Cash Flows etc. Other times I will try to analyze the overall value of a company based on the company’s Balance Sheet, Business Units etc.

There are many inefficiencies in our markets. I feel that by getting to understand a company from the inside and knowing both the Bull and Bear case, this enables investors to take advantage of opportunities when they arise.

I definitely have a value approach when it comes to investing. I like to focus on Risk from a “Margin of Safety” perspective, and typically forgo the extreme upside for better risk/reward ideas.

If you have followed in the past, thanks! and do not expect much to change. If you are new, please feel free to provide feedback, comment on posts, follow me on twitter, and/or subscribe to the blog.

– Aron

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