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Stop Beating on Apple

If $AAPL was on the way up to $700 per share (pre Sept 2012), I would also question the reported $3.2B Beats deal. $AAPL was owned back then by growth investors, momentum investors, and investors that hoped/dreamed that $AAPL will continue their astronomical growth … Continue reading

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Barnes & Noble, better off without Nook & Malone.

Understanding both the bull and bear case – the theses of why other investors are positioned the way they are – has to be one of the most crucial principles of investing. Every so often I read a press release … Continue reading

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A Discount Rate fit for a KING.

$KING’s IPO yesterday was the worst first day performing IPO in 15 years for a US IPO raising at least $500M (via @IPOtweet) For value investors and people that believe that equity prices reflect the value of earnings and cash flow … Continue reading

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